Digimon Adventure: Filler List

Summary of the anime

Taichi Yagami and his friends have moved on to junior high, but by that time, they have lost contact with their Digimon partners. Taichi is therefore surprised to suddenly receive a distress call summoning him to the Digital World. Once there, he learns that Digimon are living in fear of the mysterious Digimon Emperor, who is somehow suppressing their ability to Digivolve!

In the real world, Hikari Yagami and Takeru Takaishi reunite in the same fifth grade class. They share three schoolmates: Daisuke Motomiya, who reminds them both of Taichi; Miyako Inoue, a technical wizard; and Iori Hida, Miyako’s neighbor. When these three children receive “D-3” Digivices, they—along with Hikari and Takeru, who still possess their own original Digivices—comprise the new generation of “Chosen Children” who must save the world once again. With the power of the Armored Digi-Eggs, they must thwart the Digimon Emperor’s plans to spread his influence over the entire Digital World.

Digimon Adventure: Filler & Canon Episodes

1Tokyo: Digital Crisis!MANGA CANON2020-04-05
2War GameMANGA CANON2020-04-12
3And to the Digital WorldMANGA CANON2020-04-19
4Birdramon SoarsMANGA CANON2020-06-28
5Holy DigimonMANGA CANON2020-07-05
6The Targeted KingdomMANGA CANON2020-07-12
7That Boy is Joe KidoMANGA CANON2020-07-19
8The Children’s Attack on the FortressMANGA CANON2020-07-26
9The Ultimate Digimon AttacksMANGA CANON2020-08-02
10The Steel-Solid Super EvolutionMANGA CANON2020-08-09
11The Wolf Standing Atop the DesertMANGA CANON2020-08-16
12Lilymon BlossomsMANGA CANON2020-08-23
13Garudamon of the Crimson WingsMANGA CANON2020-08-30
14The Kings of the Insects ClashMANGA CANON2020-09-06
15Zudomon’s Iron Hammer of LightningMANGA CANON2020-09-13
16The Jet-Black Shadow Invades TokyoMANGA CANON2020-09-20
17The Battle In Tokyo Against OrochimonMANGA CANON2020-09-27
18Countdown to Tokyo’s AnnihilationMANGA CANON2020-10-04
19Howl, JyuokenMANGA CANON2020-10-11
20The Seventh One AwakensMANGA CANON2020-10-18
21The Tide-Turning UpdateMANGA CANON2020-10-25
22The Unbeatable Blue SagittariusMANGA CANON2020-11-01
23The Emissary of Darkness DevimonMANGA CANON2020-11-08