Cowboy Bebop Filler List

Summary of the anime

Crime is timeless. By the year 2071, humanity has expanded across the galaxy, filling the surface of other planets with settlements like those on Earth. These new societies are plagued by murder, drug use, and theft, and intergalactic outlaws are hunted by a growing number of tough bounty hunters.

Spike Spiegel and Jet Black pursue criminals throughout space to make a humble living. Beneath his goofy and aloof demeanor, Spike is haunted by the weight of his violent past. Meanwhile, Jet manages his own troubled memories while taking care of Spike and the Bebop, their ship. The duo is joined by the beautiful con artist Faye Valentine, odd child Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, and Ein, a bioengineered Welsh Corgi.

While developing bonds and working to catch a colorful cast of criminals, the Bebop crew’s lives are disrupted by a menace from Spike’s past. As a rival’s maniacal plot continues to unravel, Spike must choose between life with his newfound family or revenge for his old wounds.

Cowboy Bebop Filler & Canon Episodes

1Asteroid BluesANIME CANON1998-10-24
2Stray Dog StrutANIME CANON1998-04-03
3Honky Tonk WomenANIME CANON1998-04-10
4Gateway ShuffleANIME CANON1998-11-14
5Ballad of Fallen AngelsANIME CANON1998-11-21
6Sympathy for the DevilANIME CANON1998-11-28
7Heavy Metal QueenANIME CANON1998-04-17
8Waltz for VenusANIME CANON1998-04-24
9Jamming with EdwardANIME CANON1998-05-01
10Ganymede ElegyANIME CANON1998-05-08
11Toys in the AtticANIME CANON1998-05-15
12Jupiter Jazz (part 1)ANIME CANON1998-05-22
13Jupiter Jazz (part 2)ANIME CANON1998-05-29
14Bohemian RhapsodyANIME CANON1998-06-05
15My Funny ValentineANIME CANON1998-06-12
16Black Dog SerenadeANIME CANON1999-02-13
17Mushroom SambaANIME CANON1999-02-20
18Speak Like a ChildANIME CANON1998-06-19
19Wild HorsesANIME CANON1999-03-06
20Pierrot Le FouANIME CANON1999-03-13
21Boogie Woogie Feng ShuiANIME CANON1999-03-20
22Cowboy FunkANIME CANON1999-03-27
23Brain ScratchANIME CANON1999-09-03
24Hard Luck WomanANIME CANON1999-04-10
25The Real Folk Blues, Part OneANIME CANON1999-04-17
26The Real Folk Blues, Part TwoANIME CANON1999-04-24
27The MovieANIME CANON2001-09-01